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In the words of Deborah Bull, body language is a powerful tool. Body language existed before speech came to being and 80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body and not words. Here at Choose Life Ghana, we believe arts brings connection and help us relate more to our world. The interpretation of characters through artistic pieces is a form of therapeutic exercise which brings to life a connection where vulnerable individuals suffering from any form of mental illment can relate to. Sometimes a demonstration of our current emotional predicament on stage represent an extension of our inner being. Under the Arts and Creativity section, talent displayed from actors/actresses educate prone victims as well as the general public through inspirational true stories from individuals. These artistic displays serve as a background for proper understanding of our informative and educative road lecture series across communities and also to help reach out on digital social platforms.

Our community engagement initiative involves brief lecture series on mental illness from seasoned resource personnel specifically, a social psychologist and a career counsellor sharing professional opinions, advice and admonishments on the sensitive nature of mental health disorder tackling in details the causes, effects and possible remedy for it. These lectures tackle the angle of relationship issues; parents, friends, loved ones and other extended families as well as tackling education on our career path. & The initiative is carried out in conjunction with our field volunteers who travel across the country to reach out to our targeted audience through themed an annual symposium; BraveNotBroken..



Our counselling sessions form the main fabric of our mission. Choose life Ghana offers on-site and on-line counselling through which individuals connect to our resource persons for effective sessions. In addition to the remote counselling feature, we do organize occasional social clinic to help the public gain access to resource personnel.

Effective communication in a 21st century setting requires a digital drive with combination of communication tools and features to reach certain targeted demographics within our general audience. & The Digital campaign effort by Choose Life Ghana is an embodiment of themes generated for our weekly posts across all our social media platforms, through individual volunteers & star power of some celebrated personalities across the globe.
Assisting with rehabilitation (suicide thought + school assist after the program & placement) “Equipping the youth with skills and ideas on how to run a successful career”.


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