Delicate and innocent being I was, hoping to bathe in the sunlight But my hopeful story to dwell in their existence came to an unsuspected conclusion I bet there were and are many of mine kind whose dream to live never budded As I thought, “why should we be side-lined without a second thought?” I wondered if they had steam evaporating from their frozen hearts Or they had mercury running to and fro their veins Their decisions lack a definite form; it is nebulous

Society has coincidentally transfigured her ‘My mother to have been’ into a disguised monstrous being Mentally, she has been shuttered beyond and I am broken in the future tense As they invade our future to atone for their unscrupulous acts to prove their findings To the extent that even the blind sees the beauty in life than they can closely imagine As precious pearls we are; they crush us beyond recognition And flush our remains secretly to God knows where They violate the belief ‘life is a continuum with no discernible starting point’

My mother to have been

"My mother to have been" recalls that her faith condones and connives not with her action For one of mine kind equates a promising generation yet to surface the earth But then who would be rescuing mine kind from such pain of terror? For the order of mine generations is altered per the expressions of injustice Based on the rigid social class’ discrimination and victimization Time and over again, her conscience keeps on raging war against her And playing flashbacks to remind her of fate with or without me

But what can the alternate be…is there really an option? They think of how to flee from their troubles And finds themselves in an unscripted complicated epic However, the harsh economic and social conditions, The ever-changing technological trends and dynamic religions They nurture and foster this fatal and horrific accident Meanwhile the society keeps on brainstorming Deciding who to live or die

Let’s hope for the better upshot to birth an unperturbed generation of angels We desire to love with our whole being unconditionally

Victor Ayertey (@ayertey_victor)