Don't Die Yet

Life is like a coin, today you are up, tomorrow you are down. But one thing you must know is that nothing last forever. Even the air we take in will one day be taken away from us. But for now, don't die yet.

What you are going through might seem forever. Personally I have thought of taking my own life before. That was when the whole world felt like it was crushing down on me. I have been through a lot but I am who I am because of the lessons I have learnt in life. Now kids look up to me as their mentors and role models. Don't give up yet.

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made ~ Robert Browning.

I don't know what you believe in. But when you feel like giving up that is when you must go to God/Allah in prayers. I don't see manna fall from heaven when I pray but after praying, I feel relieved, I feel like there is someone looking at me and my every move. Because of Him I won't give up. My advice to you, there is someone up there looking down at you and trust me at the right time He will make you a victor. Because of Him I say don't give up.

Life is beautiful" I always tell my friends.
There is no place like earth. Killing yourself won't solve a problem but will only multiply problems for those you care about the most. Be a man, face your problems, overcome them. That is who you are, you are a winner. Don't give up yet, don't die yet. There's more to live up for. The world is large explore. When you try one thing and you fail, try the other one. Just don't let your enemies win. Fight until you win. If you fail, rise up, keep fighting. Until you win, never give up. Suicide should not be an option.
*Please don't die yet*