Who we are

Choose life Ghana Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded by Ms. Fumey Kafui Dorcas and co-founded by Mr. Atta Francis which is designed solely to address the issue of mental health among people in society through partnership with resource personnel and public agencies.
The founding principle of the organization is to start a public dialogue on mental health and bring to light episodes attributed to mental illness. As part of our commitment, Choose Life Ghana aim to embrace solutions to minimize and create much awareness on the issue of mental illness within Ghana and beyond.

Choose life Ghana was formed to draw attention to some of the issues that continue to shake the core of our social fabric in Ghana. Problems associated with mental illness among young and the old across the geographical divide has become so pervasive, that the media public agencies and non-governmental organizations could no longer turn a blind eye to this existing problem.

In fact, it sprang up new organizations with a sole objective to tackle the issue of mental health in our communities; ultimately choose life Ghana is a leading voice in this fight against mental illness at such a moment. The founding objective of the organization is an important episode in the on-going contribution towards redefining and re-framing the discussion about young people in society and their capacity to overcome issue related to mental illness regardless of the circumstance. The complexities of experiences on social media, inadequate access to counselling or proper treatment centrers and ineffective education on the subject matter to combat emotional instability, substance abuse, deppresion and to some extent suicide among young people ultimately has led to a slew in the issue of mental illness. Here at choose life Ghana, we believe the percentage of mental illness that go unreported and unrecognized are significant hence our unfettered desire to lead the conversation of this problem in order to generate enough awareness to address this issue head-on.

We at Choose Life wish to help people by using this website and other platforms to send a strong signal of hope, encouragement and better still give people a fresh start in life.


  • Provide a platform for young people to discover their true potential, accept themselves and know the true worth of their existence.
  • A Society where individuals overcome mental illneses and choose life above all.

Choose Life Ghana is managed and staffed entirely by volunteers who are ready and willing to support.

Our Team

We have a great staff with each member focused on our mission and together with a common goal, we will attain our vision.

Fumey Kafui Dorcas

Founder/Executive Director

Atta Francis

Co-founder/General Manager

Osbornia Ampiah

Executive Assistant/Finance

Samuel Quaye

Projects & Operations Director

Lyzbeth Safoah King

Research Analyst

Stephen Opoku


Morttey Lawson Edem

Communications Director

Our Ambassadors and Patrons

Distinguished personalities from the world of celebrated art and academia whom align themselves with our core values in a joint effort, make-up our patrons and ambassadors. They serve as a mouthpiece, provide guidance to enable Choose Life Ghana shape it objectives on the journey to fulfil our mission and vision.

Mr.Cyril-Alex Gockel

Chief Patron

Dr. Eric H. Gaisey


Dr.Edwin Tetteh Ayernor


Our Values

Our values are driven by the desire to accept vulnerable individuals in society into our fold irrespective of their race, gender, religious faith; achieve and to operate with the highest standards of integrity which stems from our passion to impart humanity. They guide our actions and influence the way we work; the way we serve you and the way we engage with communities.

Safety, Quality & Environment


Tolerance & Objectivity

Equal Opportunity